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Trump Space Force - Is America about to reveal a fleet of black project UFOs to patrol Earth orbit?

Published: 20 JUNE 2018 09:23AM

Words by AC Speed | Senior Editor


Potentially a historic moment in the history of modern civilization (Trump Space Force Speech), on Monday 18th June 2018, the Trump administration announced that they were going to create a sixth branch of the American military, designated Space Force.

Firstly, this is one of the most baffling announcements that Donald Trump has probably ever made. There is absolutely no need for a renegade style military space presence around the Earth, especially comprising of gun-wielding Americans under the command of someone that deems themselves to be a “Very stable genius” that “knows all the words, even the big ones, lots of words”.

Is this actually going to result in celestial spacewars, or some ridiculous Guardians of the Galaxy Trump Space Force comedy show? To try and understand how ridiculous this is, we need to answer a few questions.


What is a Space Force?

It was a very vague announcement, one that he may well have just thought of seconds before opening his mouth. If it's going to act as the 6th branch of the American military then you would expect it to consist of troops, equipment, operating bases, weapons, thousands of military personnel, communications equipment, off-world transportation, and maybe even an orange Death Star to match his orange face.

How is this going to be funded?

Considering a seat on the forthcoming sub-orbital Virgin Galactic space tourist vehicle will set you back around $250,000, how does America expect to even fund the troops to get into space?

It costs between $10 million to $400 million dollars to launch a single satellite into space, to actually place a permanent physical military presence into Earth orbit would cost billions and billions and billions and billions.

Do we have the technology for a Space Force?

No, we really do not. A military space presence would consist of actual spacecraft capable of escaping Earth's gravity and reaching Earth orbit or beyond. Currently, NASA uses roughly one million pounds of propellant aboard two rockets taller than most apartment blocks to achieve this, if you want a fleet of spacecraft circling the Earth this is certainly not the way to go about it.

Is America about to reveal a fleet of top secret black project UFO’s?

Many of America’s advanced technological military achievements have been hidden from the public for decades until they had no choice but to tell the country just exactly what the hell they’ve been witnessing dominating the skies that no one could explain. If Trump wants to put a permanent, and dominant presence in Space, they need tech like we’ve never seen before.

They need technology capable of effortlessly defying gravity with the agility and reusability of a Eurofighter if the Trump administration is serious about achieving this goal. What’s the other option? Sending a guy to the International Space Station with a gun, a pair of binoculars and some handcuffs keeping an eye out for any Mexicans trying to migrate to the moon?

When governments and countries make bold statements in the hope of achieving some great evolutionary step forward in the progress of mankind, it’s usually because they know it’s achievable within their lifetime, or at least reasonable. In 1962, John F Kennedy famously addressed the nation and said “We chose to go to the moon”, this was 5 years after the Soviet Union successfully launched the world's first satellite into orbit. We knew that going to the moon was within reach and in 1969, we landed on the moon.

This is why the US must have something they’ve been working on for decades that can turn the dream of having a Star Wars style Space Force into a reality, otherwise, it’s literally just going to be a couple of blokes floating around the ISS.

Whether we want this dream to come true or not is another matter. Who has jurisdiction in Space? And who would want an army of trigger-happy Trump soldiers surrounding the Earth? Not me.

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